There are many opportunities available for women in the industry, now made easier with a dedicated space to help connect them with the right resources.

Master Builders Association of New South Wales, in partnership with the NSW Government, has officially launched a digital one-stop shop to attract, support, and promote women in the building and construction industry.

The new website, Women Building NSW, marks a significant milestone in the industry’s efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity within the industry, with a range of resources and support for women and young girls, parents, employers, and consumers.

Executive Director Brian Seidler said we hope providing vital resources and support will help more women pursue rewarding careers in this dynamic sector.

“As one of the largest sectors, with around 150,000 businesses employing around 400,000 people, the building and construction industry plays a crucial role in the growth and prosperity across every city, town, and region in NSW.

“But sadly, only 15 per cent of that workforce is made up of women, and as little as 3 per cent of tradies are women.

“This presents a massive opportunity for the future success of the industry with an untapped pool of the population who have an array of skills and talents to bring to the table.”

The launch of the Women Building NSW website comes in the midst of chronic workforce shortages facing our sector, and at the same time, NSW struggles with a housing crisis.

“Women are the key to ensuring we can unlock the door to many more homes and deliver the vital infrastructure and commercial hubs communities are crying out for,” Mr Seidler said.

NSW President Bob Black said the new Women Building hub offers a wealth of resources and support to help bridge this gap.

“It can be difficult to navigate all the various pathways available for women in the industry, which the hub aims to bring together.”

Mr Seidler added: “We know the premise of working in a male-dominated industry can be daunting for parents of young girls who might be interested in the trades, so we want to make sure there are appropriate support networks available and clear information on the opportunities.

“Unfortunately, vocational education still faces biases to its university cousin, especially in school, so this hub hopes to dispel some of the myths and showcase the rewarding opportunities for women.”

  • Some of the features of the hub include:
  • Detailed Job Guidebook covering over 100+ careers and job opportunities for women in trades.
  • Business start-up booklet for women interested in establishing a construction business.
  • Information for parents, teachers, and career advisors.
  • Information on upcoming pre-apprenticeship courses and apprenticeship employment opportunities for girls and women.
  • Resources for employers to recruit, retain, and support women in construction.
  • Register of female-led businesses in the building and construction industry.
  • Women ambassadors and mentors offering support and guidance.
  • Industry stories, networking events, and resources on gender awareness and discrimination.

The project was made possible with funding from the Trade Pathways Program – Training Services NSW.

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