ForestrySA was praised for placing equal emphasis on environmental protection and community engagement.

Responsible Wood says they were privileged to see some of the outstanding members making a positive impact on the environment in South Australia following a recent visit.

A highlight of the trip they say was a meeting with ForestrySA, South Australia’s esteemed home-grown plantation and community forest manager.

During the visit, Matt de Jongh, sustainability manager, witnessed the commendable efforts of ForestrySA in community-focused responsible forestry practices. Among the many remarkable examples he encountered were the TreeClimb at Kuitpo Forest, an innovative eco-adventure that offers visitors a unique perspective of the forest canopy, and the brand-new off-grid, sustainable cabin accommodations managed by the Australian-owned operator, CABN, nestled within the heart of Kuitpo Forest. These initiatives exemplify a commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable tourism.

Additionally, Matt had the opportunity to explore an essential koala feedstock plantation and a protected site dedicated to preserving nationally endangered orchids. These initiatives demonstrate ForestrySA’s dedication to conserving biodiversity and ensuring the preservation of critical ecosystems.

ForestrySA was one of the initial organisations to have earned the Responsible Wood certification for sustainable forest management, setting an exemplary standard for other businesses in the field. The company has integrated sustainable practices across their estate, effectively managing the commercial, environmental, social, and cultural aspects of their forests and operations.

With about 10,000 hectares of plantation pine in the Mount Lofty Ranges, plus about 4,000 hectares of native forest in reserve and over 16,000 hectares of plantation pine in the Limestone Coast ForestrySA plays a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Notably, the company takes great pride in facilitating public access to these plantations and native forests, inviting the community to partake in various recreational activities while fostering an understanding of responsible forest management.

Matt expressed his admiration for ForestrySA’s endeavours.

“It’s inspiring to see a company that places equal emphasis on environmental protection and community engagement,” he said.

“ForestrySA has set an excellent example for others in the industry to follow.”

Denise Little, administration manager at ForestrySA, also shared her passion for sustainable forestry practices, saying, “Being a part of ForestrySA has been a fulfilling experience. We are committed to not only safeguarding our forests but also creating opportunities for the public to connect with nature responsibly.”