Forestry Corporation has partnered with Nambucca Valley Council, Nambucca Heads Local Aboriginal Land Council and Reflections Holiday Parks in a program funded by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW).

The funding is to undertake bush regeneration work throughout coastal environmental areas and endangered ecological communities such as Coastal Swamp Sclerophyll, Littoral Rainforest, Swamp Oak Forest and Themeda Grasslands that occur along the coast of the Nambucca Local Government Area.

Nambucca Valley Council Environmental Project Officer Keegan Noble said Nambucca Valley Council will coordinate contractors on lands around Valla Beach, Nambucca Heads and Scotts Head.

Mr Noble said the works will connect the dots between previous areas that have received weed control works.

“This is a valuable project for the Valley and will improve the resilience and environmental value of endangered ecological communities along the coast,” Mr Noble said.

Forestry Corporation Senior Planner – Upper North Coast Steve Pickering said the work, starting this month, will occur across multiple tenures including Nambucca State Forest.

“A lot of the work will involve hand pulling weeds followed up with the use of chemicals to treat the heavier infestation areas,” Mr Pickering said.

“Working across multiple tenures will ensure maximum effectiveness of the weed control work by keeping them out of the bush altogether and not just up to a line on a map.

“Many of these areas are in a good ecological condition and this work will enable us to keep weeds under control and help protect these valuable ecological communities,” he said.

Forestry Corporation has provided in-kind support planning and supervising weed control works and ensuring known locations containing rare or threatened plants, cultural heritage items or other forest values are protected.

As a public land manager, Forestry Corporation works closely with NSW government agencies, local councils and landowners to control weed infestations protecting the biodiversity of forests and public lands.

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