THE Global Network for Forestry Young Professionals (ForYP) was launched at the World Forestry Congress in Seoul earlier this month.

ForYP aims to increase the visibility of young professionals, providing an inclusive space to share their ideas, learn, and showcase their contributions to the sector.

The network aims to collaborate with the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) and other forestry networks and associations to increase the visibility, engagement and career development of young professionals.

Members of ForYP will benefit from services such as an online networking platform, social and networking events, career development and training.

At the World Forestry Congress, ForYP facilitated the Project Learning Tree Canada/WFC Green Mentorship Program, which connected 51 mentorship pairs around the world. It also provided pre-congress training for youth and young professionals, hosted a networking event and organised a special event on young professionals and career development.

ForYP includes professionals up to 40 years of age and/or with less than 15 years of experience in the sector.

The ForYP launch was one of the most well-attended congress sessions with more than 150 participants in person and online.

“We also received a lot of compliments, not only for the energy and dynamism of the event, but also for the clear storyline and messages,” said Elaine Springgay, Rome-based UN Food and Agriculture organization forestry officer.

“For me personally it was gratifying to finally meet in-person the ForYP board members and other YPs who have worked hard over the last couple of years to make the network a reality,” Ms Springgay said.

“Meeting talented and vibrant young professionals at the WFC who are experts in their fields was inspiring and gives hope for the sector’s future.

“We have been invited on a podcast and will be used for a communication campaign to spread the word of ForYP with the help of other networks and associations.”

To join ForYP and register with the network visit or follow @ForYPorg on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube