Responsible Wood has welcomed a new supply chain member, PERI Australia into its ranks. Simon Dorries, the CEO at Responsible Wood recognised and commended PERI Australia for their commitment to sustainability in forests and supply and their responsible sourcing and supply chains.

Dorries stated: “As a not-for-profit standards development organisation supporting efforts to promote sustainable forest and responsible forest product supply chains, we welcome PERI’s valuable contribution. This is another great example of an organisation that walks the walk when it comes to responsible sourcing and sustainability. This support reinforces PERI’s dedication to transparent supply chains, responsible timber sourcing and promoting healthy and productive forests.”

PERI Australia has been on a sustainability journey that displays its dedication to climate neutrality, biodiversity preservation, responsible timber sourcing and supplier evaluation. It is a great example of a company that is doing its best for a sustainable, economical, and environmentally sound future in this industry.

Introducing PERI Australia

PERI Australia is a large trader of engineered wood products worldwide; it provides sustainable solutions both nationally and internationally. It is recognised for transforming sustainable construction practices. PERI Australia has several key initiatives that really display its real commitment to a brighter future.

  • Climate Neutrality: PERI Australia is a climate-neutral company. PERI has been offsetting carbon emissions since 2021 to ensure its carbon footprint is as small as possible.
  • 20,000m2 of land at PERI are dedicated each year to become space where the company coexists with nature and aims to help biodiversity grow across its land.
  • PERI not only cares about the environment and biodiversity but also in educating the upcoming generation. PERI is actively involved each year in building schools in developing countries to help foster the minds of young children and develop communities.
  • Responsible Wood highlighted PERI’s advocacy of the circular economy stating “PERI has embraced the principles of the circular economy. Through innovative rental models, both PERI and its customers contribute to reducing their ecological footprint, showcasing a meaningful commitment to sustainability.”
  • PERI holds a PEFC ST 2002 chain of custody certificate. This demonstrates its commitment to ensuring all its products are sustainable in growth health and biodiversity.

There is much more that PERI supports in the community, all these are detailed in its annual sustainability reports. In each report you can also find its goals both medium and long term to continue improving into the future.


MAIN PIC: PERI is actively involved in building schools in developing countries. 
Photo: Shutterstock