TOP PIC: Pirelli brought its new industry-leading tyres out for the Australian Grand Prix.

BOTTOM PIC: These new tyres are made under the stringent FSC certification for 

In alignment with International Day of Forests and its theme of “Forests and Innovation,” Pirelli, a trailblazer in tyre manufacturing renowned for its commitment to innovation and performance, proudly brings its industry-leading FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified tyres to the Australian Grand Prix for the third race of the year.

Having made waves with their debut in Bahrain and subsequent usage in Saudi Arabia, Pirelli’s FSC-certified tyres continue to make a resounding impact, underscoring the company’s steadfast dedication to sustainability in motorsport. By sourcing rubber from FSC-certified smallholders, Pirelli adheres to the highest standards of sustainable forestry, thereby safeguarding forest ecosystems, combatting deforestation, championing the rights of forest communities, and ensuring fair wages for workers.

CEO of FSC Australia and New Zealand, Melanie Robertson notes, “Pirelli’s commitment to using FSC-certified rubber in their tyres underscores the vital link between performance and sustainability in the industry, setting a notable benchmark. FSC ANZ proudly celebrates Pirelli’s pole position on the transition to sustainably sourced materials by using FSC-certified tyres at the Australian Grand Prix, highlighting the importance of responsibly sourced forest materials in our daily lives. This initiative emphasises the critical role of sustainable forestry to the Australian public, highlighting the urgency of environmentally and socially responsible forest management to safeguard ecosystems and the communities they support.”

Recognised as a key player in the fight against climate change for the sixth consecutive year, Pirelli’s inclusion in the 2023 Climate A list by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) solidifies its status as a global leader in sustainability. Moreover, Pirelli’s distinction as the first tyre manufacturer to receive a three-star rating on the FIA’s Environmental Accreditation Programme underscores its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

As Formula 1 enthusiasts converge to revel in the excitement of racing at Albert Park, Pirelli’s new FSC-certified tyres will take centre stage, delivering unparalleled performance but also championing responsible forest management practices. With FSC certification ensuring that all-natural rubber used in Pirelli tyres meets stringent environmental and social standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council, spectators can rest assured that they are witnessing a spectacle that prioritises both performance and sustainability.

Sara Mariani, FIA Sustainability and D&I Director applauds this development, noting, “Pirelli’s implementation of FSC-certified tyres in the FIA Formula One World Championship is a strong statement of the company’s commitment to sustainability – not just to its own targets but also in its alignment with the goals of the FIA’s Environmental Strategy, which seeks to reduce motorsport impact and reinforce the sport as a catalyst for sustainable innovation and technology.”

The introduction of FSC-certified tyres at the Grand Prix Australia underscores Pirelli’s unwavering commitment to minimising environmental impact and fostering sustainable practices within motorsport. In doing so, Pirelli not only cements its position as a leader in motorsport sustainability but also sets a precedent for responsible environmental practices within the Formula 1 community.

About the Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council – a non-profit organization governed by environmental, social, and economic perspectives equally – covers more than 150 million hectares of certified forests and is the global benchmark for sustainable forestry. FSC’s strict forest management standards require that forests are managed to preserve biological diversity, while benefitting local workers and communities in way that is economically beneficial for them. The robust FSC certification process ensures that all certified material is separated from non-certified material throughout the supply chain, from plantation to tyre manufacturer.

Pirelli’s natural rubber supply chain

FSC certification of the natural rubber from certified plantations used by Pirelli to make tyres for the FIA Formula One World Championship is the latest step in the company’s long-running programme to sustainably manage the natural rubber supply chain. This is achieved via a roadmap of best practice in the different countries of origin for natural rubber, in line with the principles and values set out in the Pirelli Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy from 2017. This document is the result of consultation with key stakeholders in the natural rubber value chain, including international NGOs, Pirelli’s main natural rubber suppliers, growers and sellers in the supply chain, automotive clients, and other global organisations.