DESPITE improvements in productivity and trading since acquiring the Millfield sawmill in the NSW Hunter Valley in the third quarter of 2021, the last few weeks of the year proved to be particularly demanding for Sweetman Renewable Timbers with a Covid shut-down, extended wet weather and related log supply shortages.

General manager Campbell McInnes says that early signs in 2022 look encouraging with the purchase of a much-needed new four-wheel utility loader and the log yard well stocked.

“This year the Sweetman Renewable Timbers sawmill and timber processing facility is looking forward to continuing to support our existing and new customers,” he said.

“Efforts will be focused on further improving sawmill productivity, securing additional log supplies from certified private property sources, and broadening the product range.”

With the closure of the Wyong North sawmill on the Central Coast in December, Sweetman Renewable Timbers is now the only hardwood sawmill and wood processing facility between Sydney and Newcastle.

Mr McInnes said the Millfield sawmill was ready and remains willing to supply previous customers of the Wyong North sawmill.

“In addition to the acquisition of a new utility loader to start off the year, we will be paying attention to strengthening log supplies and continuing to support sustainable forest management practices,” he said.

“We look to expanding our product range and to supporting our wholesale, industrial, building, manufacturing and retail customers.”

Mr McInnes said the company was pleased to be able to offer a wide selection of hardwood products to the timber supply chain, builders and retail customers. Products include domestic and rural fencing; structural timber; boards for decking and flooring; landscaping products; manufactured posts, pegs and components; specialist and custom-cut products’ and mining-related timber products.

Sweetman Renewable Timbers aims to improve the commercial performance of the forest and timber industry in NSW, and is working towards additional economic development and employment opportunities as the Hunter Valley transitions its economy beyond a substantial reliance on thermal coal mining businesses.

General inquiries email srltd.com.au/renewable-timbers. For sales and quotes email [email protected] or phone (02) 4998 5224.