Responsible Wood sustainability manager Matt de Jongh (left) with SFM certificate holders in Launceston … Daniel Hodge, Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Tony Stonjek, AKS Forest Solutions, Mark Leech, Fine Timber Tasmania, Gayle Quin, Timberlands Pacific, Sandra Hetherington, Norske Skog, Dan Ryan, AKS Forest Solutions, Leanne Chappell, SFM Forest Products, Simon Cook and Ann Lasla, Forico, and Darryn Crook, Reliance Forest. Fibre)

IN December last year, Responsible Wood published the new AS/NZS 4708:2021 – Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) principles standard.

The new standard underpins the Responsible Wood sustainable forest management certification scheme in Australia and the PEFC sustainable forest management scheme in New Zealand and replaces AS 4708:2013 and NZS AS 4708:2014.

Sustainability manager Matt de Jongh has spent a week in Tasmania meeting with SFM certificate holders and discussing the new standard. This included hosting a workshop with all Tasmanian SFM certificate holders in historic Campbell Town, 65 km southeast of Launceston.

Mr de Jongh also attended and spoke at the Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network breakfast in Launceston.

“It is important to communicate with certificate holders on the key changes to the new standard and that there is a two‑year transition period,” Mr de Jongh said.

“Therefore, certificate holders have until March 10, 2024, to transition to the new standard,” he said. “It is also important to point out that the new standard is now a revised joint Australian and New Zealand standard.”

Most importantly, forest certification through Responsible Wood provided a mechanism to promote the sustainable management of Australia’s forests and ensured forest-based products reached the marketplace had been sourced from sustainably managed forests, Mr de Jongh said.

SFM is an integrated forest management company operating Australia -wide for almost two decades. It provides certified forest management solutions to land managers and is committed to achieving quality sustainable outcomes without compromising on a commercial return.

Through its broad industry networks and strong relationships with government and other agencies, SFM offers an unprecedented level of operational efficiency, market access and sector intelligence.


MAIN PIC: Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s Daniel Hodge and Lachie Clark explaining to Matt de Jongh of Responsible Wood how this tree is identified and retained at a harvesting operation due to its size.